Week from Monday 7th February 2005

During egress to/on/from public transport these days, my skull has been rattled by the NUEVO-METALLIC din of "De-Loused In The Comatorium" by Hispanic Prog-Brats, THE MARS VOLTA... During the meanwhilst, the orifice peecee has been skanking along to the free STUDIO ONE reggae compilation that came glued to the cover of this month's MOJO magazine. There was also a rather good show on their MOJO RADIO channel, which pursued the "STUDIO ONE STORY"/Bob Marley Birthday theme.

This month's "Degrees Of Separation" contest from the DGM concern: Make a connection between ROBERT FRIPP and LOUIS ARMSTRONG in three moves or under. I would have said that was quite an easy one, unlike last month's comp, which required an intimate knowledge of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's career!

I got around to taping all dem forty-fives I'd dragged down from the attic. Subsequently I shall attempt to turn them all into MP3s!

Stuffin' envelopes, spody-ody, stuffin' envelopes...

Week from Monday 14th February 2005

I went for some major yompage over the weekend, first to PORTCHESTER and back and, later, a TRAINWALKJOURNEY to the lovely little Hampshire villages of HAVEN'T and COSH'EM. I had some packages to deliver on behalf of THE BIKE PEOPLE, but I also took this as an opportunity to visit the high number of charity shops in these locales. The 99p boxes turned up some LUCKY DIP tapes of 'recent' TONY BANKS (of which I wasn't expecting much; they are surprisingly okay) and 'recent' STEEL PULSE (of which I had high hopes; it was surprisingly disappointing - No! make that just CRAP!). I also looked at clothes... Some comments on my diary of mid-January just poured in:

"Dear Cardew, Having just read 'The Mint's Diary'.....blah blah blah. By the way, Breath Bating became illegal in the British Isles this forty years past. The Fall Group.... Now that I am a BORN AGAIN PAGAN my interests in music have returned to the more gentle sounds of THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND and THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS and of course THE CURE. The Fall group do not 'cut the rock 'n' roll cd cake' as much as they did for me. The rules of my religion do not allow for the Mancunian accent, accept for that of MORRISEY. AND JOY DIVISION. AND SOOTY WHO I BELIEVE RECEIVED THE FREEDOM OF MANCHESTER IN 1365. AND ALSO... The great beat guru, Arthur Brakespeare once said, 'If you can remember what a CARDBOARD BOXAPHONE was, then you weren't there.' A Royal Wedding Will Gladden Our Hearts. Yours in appreciation of the Cure and the stones of Avebury, The Budleigh Salterton Whizzer..."

Who are THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS? Gaarrggh! these fickle young'n's with their floy-be-noight ways... Mind you, I too have been enjoying tunes by THE INCREDS of late - there was one on THE FREAK ZONE this week and I've got a couple on my MP3 JUKEBOX (You haven't heard The Incredible String Band until you've listened to them on Havant railway station etc etc). As for the Royal Wedding, well, last time the Duke of Bluebottle got married, I managed to escape from the country for a month or so. Mind you, we did keep seeing the Royal Yacht go past whatever Greek island we happened to be sitting on at the time... Or was that Andy 'n' Fergy? I also agree that, in this day and age, you can't appreciate the stones of Avebury enough. From any angle. Blimey! it's been snowing!

I savoured the article in this month's PC UTILITIES magazine about "slimming down" the WINDOZE operating system. It's amazing just how much of MICROSOFT's finest you can do without if you put your mind to it! Not being one of nature's SURFERS, I can certainly live without a lot of the bells 'n' whistles that come with Internet Explorer. As a won-over supporter of WinAMP (systematically being driven out of the picture by AOL), I can discard WINDOZE MEDIA PLAYER without loss of sleep. If there is an 'open source' or 'freeware' alternative to a WINDOZE component out there, I've gradually been adding it to my peecee over the years, although I find that Outlook Express STILL suits me best for e-mailin' purposes.

This week's 'favourite author' is TOM HOLT and my 'favourite band' is VOLCANO THE BEAR.

Week from Monday 21st February 2005

...A bit late this week, what with one thing and another... I missed out on most of Saturday altogether, due to a MYALGIC DOWNTURN. On Sunday, I forced myself to get up and go for a walk to the CARBOOT SALE. It was rather frosty around the extremities. I found a fifty-pee copy of THE MOST POINTLESS live album of all time, YES's "9012LIVE: THE SOLOS" (that's the one with the original 'SHIT CLAZENGER BASS SOLO' version of "Amazing Grace" on it).

I've finished my project involving the MINIATURISATION of [the pick of] my singles collection as MP3s. On Saturday next, I'll be in Portsmouth, so I shall drop 'round to CHEZ PURVISS to tick a few items off the MP3 rarities "WANTS LIST".

THE MIGHTY SPRINGBOKS TIN PIGLET PORKESTRA will have played their one and only gig in Brighton, by the time you read this. I await the HUMAN NAIL's comprehensive report. Some of the chaps are now going to Prague ("to laugh at commie punks", it says here). I have put in my order for POSTAGE STAMPS WITH FRANK ZAPPA'S FACE ON and PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE product. I suppose I should, at this point, say that the Czech is in the post, but I won't.

I managed to finish [to my amazement] the prize crossword in the 'Q' magazine "PSYCHEDELIA SPECIAL", but as the thing appears to be littered with typos and/or examples of bad research, I don't hold much hope.

Week from Monday 28th February 2005

So Farewell Then To The Great Gonzo HUNTER S THOMPSON, Nevermore To Be Afraid Or Loathed.

...And the "BEST LAUGH-OUT-LOUD OPENING LINE OF THE WEEK" Award goes, once again, to ROBYN HITCHCOCK for the classic "Guess what, I've spoken to Norm, we're gonna live in the trees..."

Being on a neurological upswing this weekend, I underwent some major PEDESTRIANISM - I'll probably regret it later! I called 'round to see MERVYN PURVISS as promised and my MP3 Jukebox is now jangling to all sorts of exciting 'new' stuff. Consequently, I'm having a bit of a KRAUTROCK thing at the moment - TANGERINE DREAM (strictly pre-1977) and KRAFTWERK of several vintages. Shelfy has promised me the Kraftwerk "Tour De France" CD, which he has now got bored with. He has received my old cassette of JEAN-LUC PONTY's "King Kong...Music Of Frank Zappa" album, as I now have the seedydisk of same.

Gosport gets its Library back this week... or rather, it gets a new "DISCOVERY CENTRE", an environment which is about as conducive to quiet, contemplative, studied research as a shopping mall or airport terminal, both of which it resembles. So this is the wave of the future. I'll pass judgement as to whether it is actually an adequate, useful LIBRARY, when I have a need to look something up!

BINKY and the chaps have returned from the Czech Republic, according to the VERY LENGTHY UPPER-CASE e-mail that just arrived...