Week from Monday 6th February 2006

This weekend, we didn't win the EUROMILLIONS LOTTERY.

I acquired a new pair of headphones for my WALKPERSON, so BUS-LISTENING this week has been from the likes of [strictly pre-1977] TANGERINE DREAM, because of its trancy repetitive nature, and latter day "NUEVO-METAL" KING CRIMSON, because it's bloody loud.

Like some faithful pet of yore, I sit at the bottom of the stairs, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Postman. This is not only because certain folks owe me money for services rendered (This has now been sorted, thank you for asking), but because there's some new ZAPPAPRODUCT due to arrive from the G&S Music Concern. HOORAH! 

Firstly, "JOE'S XMASAGE", being the latest disc in the "CorSaga" archive series, is the kind of thing that ONLY A FANATIC might listen to all the way through more than once. Although there ARE one or two MUSICAL gems to be discovered, a lot of it consists of DIALOGUE OF HISTORICAL OR 'CONCEPTUAL CONTINUITY' INTEREST ONLY. This includes a [FAR too long] segment in which someone describes the contents of a woman's purse (American for 'hand-bag'), reading aloud the ENTIRE personal correspondence found therein. I'm still not sure why. But "The Uncle Frankie Show", recorded for a college radio station, is hilarious. This disc is definitely NOT recommended for the casual listener, folks who 'don't get it', or anyone who thought that "Uncle Meat" was 'just a bunch of home movies'.

The album "IMAGINARY DISEASES" consists of jazzy, ALL-INSTRUMENTAL live recordings from the 1972 "PETIT WAZOO" tour (a hitherto under-documented era) and is, therefore, EXACTLY MY KINDA FRANK! I would whole-heartedly recommend this disc to those of you who like this kind of thing. You know who you are.

Week from Monday 13th February 2006

I've spent the last couple of days TOTING BALES OF HTML and SHUCKING PIXELS, as I'm doing some updates for WOR'WILLY'S WEBSITE. The necessity of going to Cosham was treated as an opportunity for some TOP YOMPAGE. 

I find myself in the midst of a TANGERINE DREAM craze. I still maintain that they became less interesting [sometime in the late seventies] once they started getting asked to do Hollywood film scores and had to learn to WRITE TUNES, rather than just drift away atonally as they had done previously to such thrilling effect. At some point, they STOPPED sounding like the DARK & GOTHIC FAB TANGS we'd come to love, and began to turn into HAROLD FALTERMAYER! The nasty plastic digital synth'n'drumbox sounds of the eighties did them no favours either. Nevertheless, I reappraised a couple of their 'later' albums  - which had gone into my CHUCK-IT-OUT BAG - and discovered that they DID have SOMETHING going for them after all. The tracks with the hideous female vocals I still found to be unlistenable, but the BEST OF THE REST have now been EmPeeThree'd for A TOTAL HEADPHONE EXPERIENCE.

For months, I have been wondering aloud as to when Radio 3 are going to broadcast the "BBC COMMISSIONED" pieces by the KATIA LAB»QUE BAND WITH FRED FRITH & VIKTORIA MULLOVA, or 'KLBWFFAVM' as almost nobody is calling them. Well, this coming Saturday, "HEAR & NOW" will be doing just that - I would have liked the WHOLE concert, but anything is better than nothing! For those of you not taking notes, KaLaBa'WuFFAVeM were one of my TOP LIVE NAMES of last year, having witnessed one of their turns [in a bijou venue attached to the Brighton Dome] on a chill evening in November.

Week from Monday 20th February 2006

Of course it was all quite wonderful and all too brief (just over half an hour), but as I say, anything is better than nothing. The two [out of three?] BBC pieces were not ENTIRELY representative of the rest of the set, but fantastic nevertheless. But I SUFFERED FOR MY MUSIC having to stay up until one o'clock in the morning to hear it!

SHELFY has been bedridden with an ailment which he says is a mixture of flu and myxomatosis (he would know, him being smitten with rabbits and all). I woke up on Monday morning with one of my POISONED ELECTRIC HEADS, doubtless the encephelo-myalgic result of staying up late on Saturday in the name of ART. On days such as this, I need to force myself to get out and savour the fresh air, lest I vegify verily.

Another reason one has to DRAG ONESELF SCREAMING out of bed is that it's still horribly bleak and wintery out. In fact, as I write this, it's snowing. Ho ho and indeed ho.

Week from Monday 27th February 2006

My own musical inclinations of late have been towards long droney pieces that DON'T REALLY HAVE MUCH GOING ON and spend a lot of time not doing it - MINT-MINIMAL, SAME OL' SAME OL'! 

So I've set myself the exercise of sifting through the archives, selecting pieces that have A LOT GOING ON IN A VERY SHORT TIME, for a change. In some cases, these are little pieces that are obviously self-contained. Elsewhere, I found some longer pieces which will benefit from editing down, losing nothing in the process. The target is to have about sixty or seventy tracks on a CD, without it sounding TOO much like a Napalm Death album (AS IF!)... One of those experimental ARTYfacts made up of lots of little nuggets, that work in cahoots with the shuffle feature on yer seedyplayer.

Meanwhile, work-wise, 'tis the time of year-oh when I ready the printed matter promoting the Annual Sponsored Bike Ride in aid of crumbling church architecture. I don't fancy trudging through the snow to deliver them though...