Week from Monday 6th March 2006

As it turned out, it was a nice day for my little ADVENTURE. I took packages to Havant and Cosham; both dreary little places unless you're a CHARITY SHOP SPOTTER. I then paid a visit to WOR WILLY, as (a) he owed me for the last batch of HTMLing and (b) I needed to ask a favour of him and avail myself of his broadband connection to download some updates. He happily obliged in both cases.

I bought myself another DVD player, a bog-standard, ultra-cheap Region 2 machine with no bells and/or whistles, but which does NOT get all SNOOTY when I ask it to play the free movie disks that come with the Sunday papers, or certain other 'region-free' deeveedees. This, as regulars may recall, has always been the problem with my [supposedly] all-singing, all-dancing, multi-region, universally-compatible, state-of-the-art smart Wharfdale machine, which refuses to have anything to do with such a lower class of disk. The new machine is, as expected, nowhere near as good as the Wharfdale for MUSICALITY, so ol' Wharfy has been retained as the device of choice for CDs, DVD-Audios and MP3 disks. I spent much of the weekend after my ADVENTURE, watching a few of the aforementioned FREE ITEMS ("DUNE", "THE WICKER MAN" and a couple of "INSPECTOR MORSE" episodes), as well as some of Michael Palin's "RIPPING YARNS", the entire series of which I obtained as a double-deeveedee set for a ludicrously cutdown price.

On Tuesday I learnt that, sadly, another Golden Banana Lifetime Achiever has left us. The Supreme Wordsmith, Grand Wizard Of The Squeaky Harmonium, Very Quiet Bloke and Beatle Stooge, MR IVOR CUTLER has gone to that Scotch Sitting Room In The Sky, at the grand old age of eighty-three.

Week from Monday 13th March 2006

It is VERY RARE INDEED for me to rush out to buy a CHART-TOPPING HIT RECORD but, of course, I had to have the new DAVID GILMOUR seedy, which IS a Pink Floyd album in all but name (with fewer of the 'curmudgeonly' bits). Titled "ON AN ISLAND", it is often evocative of those lazy Mediterranean days of yore and is, therefore, A Very Gorgeous Thing. The Floyd were usually tagged'n'bagged as 'SPACE MUSIC' - to me they will always be 'WATER MUSIC'. To coincide with its release, there was a "LIVE & EXCLUSIVE" concert on Radio 2, featuring some of the new tunes and some FLOYDY FAVES played by an all-star band of much merit.

SATURDAY NIGHT'S ALRIGHT FOR 'RITE'-ING: There was a bonanza for us STRAVINSKY FREAKS over the weekend, with a superb 'IN HIS OWN WORDS'-type documentary and a dramatisation of the events surrounding the legendary premiere of "The Rite Of Spring", which caused a riot in Paris. The Beeb also chose this as an opportunity to show again "The Rite..." from last year's Proms, but it was NOT a fantastic performance...

I've been listening to a rough mix of the new music that SHELFY has produced on his Apple Mac. The music is most appealing in a trancy, Whirl-Y-Gig sort of way and I laughed out loud at the funnies several times. A couple of the tunes I thought delightful enough for me to add them to my MP3 Jukebox! Now there's a thing!

May I suggest the name "THE FUTURE SOUND OF HONITON"!?

Week from Monday 20th March 2006

I've been entering all the competitions I can lay my hands on, just in case I'm on a winning streak. This week, not only did I win another fiver on the Thunderball Lotto-doobry (now a fairly routine occurrence), but the good people of "RECORD COLLECTOR" magazine sent me a free JIMI HENDRIX boxed set, just for answering a ridiculously easypeasy question. It is a most lavish and beautiful thing indeed and, unless you're called The Gold Lamé Skeleton, all the JIMI anyone would EVER need. It's DIGITALLY WELL SPIFFED-UP and sounded quite awesome through my Thomsons on the train...

On Saturday, I had to go over to Portsmouth to collect some vinyls from MARK THE EX-PRINTER who, now that he has a day job that mainly involves working nights, is not very contactable during the week. While I was in town, I dragged myself screaming 'round the various record emporia and I purchased the recently-released DVD of FRANK ZAPPA's "Dub Room Special" film, featuring the 1974 band in all its glory, some 'mucking about' from 1982 and more of Bruce Bickford's claymated nightmares. Which Is Nice.

I got sidetracked during my ongoing "miniatures" musical project. Whilst trawling the archive for source material, I stumbled over some ancient electronic pieces of mine - dating from my mid-eighties MICRO-COMPOSER period - which I thought so charming that they suggested a different kind of compilation altogether... then SHELFY turned up with a new-improved mix of his "CRATE" seedydisk and I ended up doing REMIXES of a couple of HIS tracks instead! I'm rather chuffed with the results and I think he'll be pleasantly surprised.

Week from Monday 27th March 2006

The government shows a lack of political will to do anything about climate change. Lord Palmerston once said, "Why should governments try to change things? Aren't things bad enough already?". Sofa Beds are neither one thing or another, in other words, a COUCH 22 situation. But I digress. 

The weather has been and is still appalling. The cold wind has brought on my FUNNY EARS. So I've mainly stayed indoors, dreaming of the summer to come, perusing the special FESTIVAL LISTINGS edition of f'ROOTS (or the holiday brochure as it's known 'round here). I've decided that WOMAD will be worthy of another daytrip this year, but I don't know WHICH day until I get a more detailed running order from the BOX PEOPLE. Away from the world of 'WORLD', my first big day out (after our annual DELIVERY-THON cum COSMIK RAMBLE, that is) is likely to be a trip to Salisbury, one Wednesday afternoon in June, to bathe in the sound of ROBERT FRIPP filling the Cathedral with his own unique brand of digital ambience.