Week from Monday 4th January 2010

New Year's Resolution time, then... I suppose I should really make an effort to try and earn some money this year! Meanwhile, the old TUMMY TRUBS have struck again... an effective but messy way of losing weight for the new year! According to a NHS spokeswoman, "there's something going 'round... it lasts about four days."

Not that I'm going anywhere at this moment - the south of England is now receiving its quota of the winter SNOW, with all the attendant brouhaha that THAT generates in the MEEJAH. 

But isn't it nice and quiet out?

Week from Monday 11th January 2010

I tell you what, you achieve a whole different level of exercise with all this WALKING THROUGH SNOW lark! Yesterday, I went "Trudging Across The Tundra Mile After Mile..." returning home from Chez Shelfy (where I had been adding the 'finishing' touches to Uncle Willy's website and helping the Shelfster with one or two little HTML tasks of his own). What with all the careful treading to get around the REALLY SLIPPY bits, and the CATTLE-EGRETTING through the deeper stuff, I feel like I have walked several times the distance that I actually did! The most recent snowfall hasn't been settling much, but what was there from last week is now turning to ice, making it harder to walk on. Needless to say, the Council's gritting efforts have been perfunctory at best, as far as the pavements are concerned.

Anyway, it's been several years in the making, but Uncle Willy's web presence has finally been dragged screaming into the 21st Century... although much of the actual content is still five years out of date!

The TUMMY TRUBS did indeed come and go within the space of about four or five days, so now I'm back on actual FOOD, instead of seemingly gallons of herbal tea, bowls of porridge and the occasional Cup-A-Soup.

I'm currently catching up with some of the weekend's radio fun... including "LE SHOW" of course, "JAZZ ON 3" (which didn't really stir m'craw this week) and a 6Music airing for STEVE HACKETT's 1981 Reading Festival set. Which Is Nice. Very Nice. Indeed. 

But just as I was getting into the early-'70s radio version of "THE INIMITABLE JEEVES" on BBC7, they ran out of episodes to broadcast! Only eight of the original ten stories exist in the archive. This is another example of the Beeb's erstwhile lack of foresight. Back in the day, they RECORDED OVER countless tapes containing GREAT RADIO (and telly), citing reasons of 'economy'. Increasingly, and with no little irony, it is only because of fans "ILLEGALLY" taping the shows at home that some of these classics exist at all.

Week from Monday 18th January 2010

Over there, it's Martin Luther King Day, but here it's officially BLUE MONDAY, for reasons that are beyond me... same as any OTHER Monday, as far as I can see. I got up bright and early to go for a visit to the DENTIST. Luckily, my NHS certificate thingy arrived over the weekend, so at least I shan't have to PAY for the privilege of getting up bright and early to go for a visit to the dentist yadda yadda yadda... For me, the dentist is a painless experience. Generally, the paperwork takes longer than the actual oral pokings-around. I do have to go back next month for a tiny little filling (hmm... Is it that little hole that the pips get stuck in whenever I eat fruit?), but it's obviously not an 'emergency'.

With that out of the way, I can now enjoy a leisurely breakfast, whilst studying the 'blogs and listening to some amusing radio...

After a midweek, midday walk into town to arrange some... er... 'meetings', I'm now enjoying the wonderful music of EX-WISE HEADS, a superbly-named project featuring that GEOFF LEIGH chappy and COLIN EDWIN, the basso-profundosaurus from PORCUPINE ("No, They Don't Call Us The Porkies") TREE. The 2003 "Time and Emotion Study" album rates right up there with the first from MIRAGE in that small but vital category of "ETHNO-MUSICOLOGISTS IN SPACE". Then on the 2006 "Holding Up The Sky" outing, things start to get gloriously DUBsome, like a more melodic version of Jah Wobble's electro-acoustic Deep Space project. Supoyb! Download 'em today, kiddies!

Week from Monday 25th January 2010

Nah... it's CHOOSEDAY! I went to the Generally Practising Doctor (or is it Practitioner General?) to discuss my DYSFUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGY and get some (potentially) HAPPY-PILLS. I say "potentially", because one glimpse at the rather thorough slip of paper from inside the medicine box might suggest that things COULD get worse before they get better. You can't spell 'potentially' without 'potent'.

I joined the queue at the pharmacy and then ventured back home for  my routine Tuesday activity of downloading, then listening to, Harry Shearer's "LE SHOW". This week it came from beautiful downtown New Orleans, where some sort of SPORTS-RELATED MASS HYSTERIA has struck the populace. Don't press me for details, I don't understand these things. 

The phone is ringing off the hook, with calls from Oor Wully bringing news of a new project. (Believe me: if the phone rings TWICE IN ONE DAY then, in my world and in the current climate, I call that "ringing off the hook"!)