Week from Monday 1st March 2010

Weekend? What weekend? My head is spinning with terms like "horizontal timing", "parity bits" and "co-sited pixels". None of which mean a thing to me, of course, but which pepper the drawings I've been working on like so much... pepper. I had another twenty-odd drawings to do this week, to meet a deadline for this coming Wednesday. But I had to get them out of the way EVEN EARLIER, because I also have OTHER deadlines to meet... I suppose I shouldn't complain really. At least (at last) I actually HAVE some work to do!

"...I've always wanted to do a collection of my acoustic numbers with the London Philharmonic as you know..." - um yeah, I've just heard some of PETER GABRIEL's new stuff. Sorry, I'm not impressed. The kindest thing I can say about it is, thankfully, it's not like "Sledgehammer". Maybe it'll grow on me, but I won't be rushing out to buy THIS one straightaway!

I spend a day stuffing things into envelopes and then traipsed off to the Post Office to cause a long queue. Tee hee hee... On Thursday, I hopped on a train to Winchester, to take the 'remainders' to the Bishop's Office, then did my rounds of the many JERRIDY SHOPS in the area. I didn't find the BENJAMIN BRITTEN piece that I'd been looking for, but I came across a couple of desirable CHEESY LISTENING items (Buena Vista Social Club's RUBÉN GONZALEZ and a 2-on-1 featuring the first couple of solo albums by fluting Focusman THIJS VAN LEER). 

Sometime in the early hours of this morning, my first-generation DIGITAL RECEIVER which (once I'd acquired a recording box AND a TV with a built-in FREEVIEW facility) has lately served merely as a glorified CLOCK-RADIO, finally went to the great DIGITAL WONDERLAND in the sky. It'd done me well - I had it since the short-lived ITV DIGITAL [née ON-DIGITAL] went bust and Dixons-Or-Was-It-Comet sold off all their receiver boxes cheap. Which would make it about 2002, if the Wikipedia article is anything to go by.

Week from Monday 8th March 2010

Looks like the good folks at MicePace have now stopped tinkering with the ACTIVITY STREAM screen and, hopefully, they've arrived at something they're satisfied with, for the time being. The windows still don't minimise though. I would prefer that it displays updates from the selected folks that I'M INTERESTED IN HEARING ABOUT, rather than swamping me with the twittering of distant chance acquaintances. I would estimate that, of my 1900+ 'friends', less than a couple of hundred are regular contacts, or bands about whom I want to receive notices. With this in mind, I've now set up new "FRIEND CATEGORIES" so that things work for ME. It's supposed to be 'MY' Space after all! Personally, I'd rather not HAVE to categorise my 'friends' in order to be able to find them, but this is the way we are going. I couldn't see that 'categories' had any practical purpose before now. So what purpose does the "ADD TO FAVOURITES" option now serve?

Tuesday brings a break from TRYING TO THINK IN 3D, while I undertake a little much needed TLC of the barnet at SANDIE'S EMPORIUM OF HAIR.

Week from Monday 15th March 2010

Whoops! I've become a TAD LAX with this diaryblog doodad lately! There will be strong comments a-posted and no mistake! Where's the week gone? And here we are again in the MIDDLE of an entirely different, but remarkably similar, Wednesday, with "HERGEST RIDGE" on the jukebox and my mind back on matters three-dimensional.

"TAD LAX"? - some sort of stool softener? Or a dried fish and unleavened bread combo from the shores of the Dead Sea? Or something I just made up.

Shelfy appears to have had a ROAD TO DAMASCUS moment and is suddenly plunging into a full-blown GRATEFUL DEAD craze. I look forward to seeing what sort of video delights he is able to unearth in whatever E-BAY-SPHERE he is currently inhabiting. Meanwhile, I have directed him towards the bottomless pit of concert audio that is "OUT THERE" via a number of my favourite streaming sites.

Ooh! speaking of audio streaming - I haven't listened to this week's "JAZZ ON 3" yet! It's got a concert by JAN GARBAREK and TRILOK GURTU, so that should be interesting...

On Thursday, I went for my monthly visit to the doctor. I've now got a week of COLD TURKEY OF SORTS - The meds I've been taking were making me EVEN MORE CHRONIC-LEEYER FATIGUE-ZEE, so I have to stop taking them and start afresh with something new, this time next week! Wot larks, eh?!

Week from Monday 22nd March 2010

Here we are again... Maybe I ought to start labelling these entries "Week from WEDNESDAY the whatever" instead!?! 
So what's happening? 
1) The MicePace monkeys are monkeying around as usual, so nothing works properly. No changes there then. 
2) I'm still waiting to be paid for several month-sworth of work. No changes there then. 
3) I'm still drawing drawings of things I don't really understand; N.C.T.T. 
4) I'm in-between meds, due to start some new ones tomorrow, with no noticeable difference in the state of my nervunes, for better OR worse. 
5) Yada yada yada and, indeed, yada... 
6) I got a few WALKIES under my belt this week, although the weather is the one thing that HAS been changing...

I went back (after a suitable period of time has elapsed) and listened to the "PPvXT2" music, TO SEE IF I STILL LIKED IT... I DID! (...well, mostly). I've put the tracks into some kind of running order now - it "FLOWS" reasonably well. One or two tracks need to be adjusted for volume - they are much louder than the tracks either side of them. Another seems far too long, even at under a minute in duration! Yet another sounds as if it needs something else adding to it, a "lead" instrument of some kind? We shall, as they say, SEE.

DREAM DIARY... The piece of literature that comes with my new meds lists among its 'possible side effects' "ABNORMAL DREAMS". Now to me, if dreams AREN'T 'abnormal', then I'd feel somewhat short-changed! Who wants to dream about 'normal'? But if that means that the dreams are going to be vivid enough to be remembered in detail afterwards, well then I'm all for it! Last night, I went to a Grateful Dead gig in Cornwall. Like most of my festival-going dreams, I didn't actually get to see the gig itself. It's always about the preamble and the getting there. I arrived at a camping area in the dark, seemingly within sight of the stage. The road crew were forming human pyramids next to their caravan. But the next morning, I found that we had to walk across the moors and traverse a bit of craggy coastline before we arrived in the arena. The whole of Cornwall was one big "global village" campsite. Then, for some reason, I was in a train carriage with a selection of Star Trek aliens...

Week from Monday 29th March 2010

The clock of Holy Trinity Church in Gosport is running backwards. Does that count as 'news'? I suppose at least it's correct once a day... And I helped my hairdresser friend put up a light bulb (Q. How many hairdressers does it take to change a light bulb? A. None, they ask me to do it instead!).

DREAM DIARY... A Butlin's-type holiday village somewhere outside Brighton; A mystery involving a stolen camera (a heavy old Yashika SLR with a hot-shoe flash attachment), which eventually turned up in Lulu's office (yes, THAT Lulu!); A cabaret night featuring a guest appearance by "Curtis Mayfield" (no, not THAT Curtis Mayfield!)...

"It's rather like that injured sparrow that the cat brings in - 
 TWITTERing by the back door!"

The saga continues with THE THINGS NOT WORKING over on MicePace. I paid a visit to the various forums (fora?) on both MisPlace and Mozilla, and it was suggested that the coding on certain 'Space pages is not entirely compatible with the latest Firefox updates. Quelle Surpreeeez! 

[Another hot topic is that MewSpace is JUST A LITTLE TOO DESPERATE to imitate and compete with the more fashionable FeySpook] 

The toolbar option worked, for a while, as a way of circumventing the dysfunctional homepage, but then THAT TOO stopped working properly. So I tried rolling back to an earlier version of the Fox, as well as trying 'CERTAIN OTHER BROWSERS I COULD MENTION', with no noticeable difference. It's just another 'WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT' day at good old MiCePaCe. I've now RE-installed the latest Firefox version (3.6.3), to ensure I have the latest, safest and (TwitSpace aside) the smoothest browsing experience available. Meanwhile, I shall find OTHER ways of 'working around' the SpaceTwit homepage. At least these 'incompatibilities' haven't yet caused THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, as they have done in the past (touch formica)... By the way, whatever happened to getting our MeSpace message notifications by email?

The First of April passes without a noticeable hitch, although it has been announced in certain quarters that ROBERT FRIPP and his missus will co-host a revival of the 'sixties TV antiques show "GOING FOR A SONG". A Bank Holiday looms - Ooh look, it's bucketing it down outside!