Week from Monday 5th April 2010

Saturday brought a break in the weather-related unpleasantness, so I went for a bimble around Southampton for an hour or two. I treated myself to the new TRAVIS & FRIPP "Live In Coventry Cathedral" platter. Definitely a nice one for those Sunday morning bath moments! Not only that...

...I must confess, I AM one of those "STRANGE CHARACTERS IN THE LISTENING COMMUNITY" (© Robert Fripp 2009), for whom "Lizard" is a favourite KING CRIMSON record. Even more so, now that I have the album in its ALL-NEW STEVEN WILSON-ISED incarnation. Mr Wilson describes the album as being "TOO BIG FOR STEREO TO CONTAIN". If you've heard earlier versions of the recording, you'll know what he means. But the new mix has certainly opened it up in all directions. It positively sparkles out of the speakers (even in stereo!).

I've now given my earlier copy of "Lizard" to Shelfy [He's going to be doing well out of the 40th Anniversary reissue programme over the coming months!]. On Tuesday, we met up as we both had to go over to CHEZ UNCLE WILLY to discuss projects present and future. And to get paid. And to retrieve the flash-drives that I left there last visit. And to drink tea. And to cuddle cats.

"Hey! where did that cyberius trampius page go?
 All I got was some sort of geek-speek. Grrrr. 
 I have not had time to take a gawp at it for an age.
 No treats today. Ah, well..."

Congratulations to BUNNY for being the first to spot that this here diarybloggythingy has not been working properly lately. Something or someone has conspired to deny my eager public their weekly fix of MINT-RANT. It's the REVENGE OF THE SPACEMONKEYS! I should've kept my thoughts about the 'monkeys to myself! They have eyes and ears everywhere, y'know!

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, grrrr grrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrr gr! 
 Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr gr grrrrrrr grrrrrrrr grrrr?

I shall look into WHY the 'index' page has stopped 'indexing' at the server end. I might have to try a more 21st Century-compliant 'non-frames' solution. Having had that brought to my attention, I also notice that my internet connection is a bit slowmo at the mo, so I think that maybe there is some routine (or maybe 'routing'?) maintenance going on at the Time/Supanet concern?

Meanwhile (as they used to say on the BBC), here is the test card and some music...

Week from Monday 12th April 2010

DREAM DIARY (I know how much you look forward to these!)... I visited my "grandfather's house" (which in no way resembled the houses of EITHER of my grandfathers)... I caught a stray cockatoo, which had obviously been living on discarded Chinese takeaways:- it was covered in rice, had lost a few feathers in a tangle with some plastic packaging and had a paper napkin stuck to one of its feet. Later, a very friendly raven also made an appearance. Ooooooh spoooooky! White bird... black bird... big house - what can it all mean? 

"Does it reeeeeally matter matter matter matter matter matter matter matter...?"

A fun-packed weekend:- I had to fill in my tax return... Check! The subscription on my pooter's anti-virus software ran out, so I had to install a new one... Check and double check! Read a large chunk of "LIFE OF PI"... Check! There is now an extra "FREAKY-ISH ZONE" to listen to (well, not 'extra' exactly - the total duration is still three hours, but now it's been split into two separate progs)... not to mention a very interesting Jarvis Cocker chat with LAURIE ANDERSON... Check and check again! I found a very nice AMADOU & MARIAM compilation in a charity shop, as well as another volume of CHARLAINE HARRIS stories. There was also an archive TODD RUNDGREN concert on 6Music, but I haven't got 'round to listening to that yet, because... werrrp! here come THE FUNNY EARS!

I've now revamped this here diaryblogwebbositethingy, taking out all the framey doodahs, so that, theoretically, EVERYONE [who needs to] can actually look at it... But it seems awfully slow to load, considering there's hardly anything there anymore! Is it just me? Or is StuporNet still proceeding at a snailSpace? Let me know if it's slow for you as well.

DREAM DIARY... with an unknown companion, in the middle of a vast open plain, watching the lions... (so, having finished reading "LIFE OF PI", I must have picked up enough about animal behaviour to be able to cope in such situations!)

Week from Monday 19th April 2010

The 'FEATURED ALBUM' on this week's "Freak Zone" was ARTHUR BROWN's "Galactic Zoo Dossier", a wee discus I haven't heard since I was at Art College, some thirty-something summers ago. I'd forgotten just how FABULOUSLY MAD it is! It's definitely one I'd be happy to 'rediscover', if I ever come across it in one of the UK's few remaining record shops. [Perhaps a birthday treat - Hey! don't we have a record fair coming up next week?] I'm also currently in the middle of a COLLECTING CRAZE for the music of TRAFFIC. Having now obtained all of the proper releases on CD, I'm trawling for information on radio sessions, live concerts and wotnot...

On Tuesday, I have to make another visit to the daktari for my monthly checkup'n'chat. I must remember to ask him to look at my FUNNY EARS... Personally, I blame the volcano... Everyone else does... Stamp your foot twice, turn around three times, saying "Eyjaffjollajökull, Eyjaffjollajökull, Eyjaffjollajökull..." and it'll probably go away.

DREAM DIARY... I often have 'education' dreams. In this one, I had a meeting with a tutor (who bore a striking resemblance to Stephen Fry), to discuss possible subjects for a dissertation. It was clear that I was totally out of my depth and had bluffed my way to get this far. The meeting appeared to take place in a scruffy old factory canteen. Then, for some reason, we cut to a western gunfight...

Week from Monday 26th April 2010

So... that RECORD FAIR then... small but perfectly formed it was, merely a half-filled Solent Suite. But there was a feast of goodies to be had, so much so that, with the exception of a couple of items which fell into the category of "BUT I'D'VE BOUGHT THEM ANYWAY", I confined myself to browsing the "FOUR FOR A TENNER" boxes... The 'must haves' were the newly remastered and expanded edition of PETE SINFIELD's solo album (which I'd planned to order from the internetty mail order concerns any time soon), and a big fat box of live TODD/UTOPIA for only eight quid! The remaining eight £2.50 shining things were:- a 'best of' the GOLDEN PALOMINOS (there are a few tracks I don't already have on disc, just slowly-aging cassettes); another of MICKEY HART's global drummin' thingies (always a treat); a double collection of TANGERINE DREAM odds'n'ends (a VERY mixed bag!); the most recent [and final] BILL BRUFORD's EARTHWORKS outing; a four track mini-album from JAKKO and his JAPAN-ese chums; an indo-jazz fusion do, featuring ANTHONY HINDSON and all the usual suspects; a BILLY COBHAM live thrashabout; and some Canterbury wistfulness from Dave out of CARAVAN. That lot'll see me through a few bathtimes and bus journeys!

This week's treat from the DGM concern is a warts'n'all recording of KING CRIMSON's engagement in Forth Worth TX from 1974... It's a short set, the sound quality is a bit all-over-the-place and there are whoopsadaisies throughout - but the version of "Fracture" and the "Improv/Talking Drum" sequence make it worth the price of admission. But as I've said time and time again (till I'm Crimson in the face?!), ANY KcrimKconcert from this period HAS to be heard at least once!

Meanwhile... HAPPY BUNSDAY, oh Evil Demented one! Your diskful of 'RADIO FUN' is currently in production and will be with you as soon as... (we have a proper working air mail service again?)

Now that I've seen for myself, in plain black and white (well, black on a bluey backprint, actually), how the pathetic interest rates in this post-Goldman-Sachs climate have affected my... um, investments, I'm off down to the bank to move some of my pennies around...