Week from Monday 7th June 2010

Having finished all the collating and packaging, the main problem now is finding a date for the DELIVER-O-THON DAY that everyone can agree upon. We've narrowed it down to the Wednesday of next week. Time to start assembling some ROAD TAPES!

The Bunny is seeking employment afresh, and has stated publicly that "JOB HUNTING IS WORSE THAN SHOE SHOPPING". I wish I could send her friendly words of encouragement, but it occurs to me that NEITHER of those activities have really loomed large in my lifestyle. I've always muddled through life with a certain lack of job security and a stout new pair of walking boots every year or so.

This week, I made a couple of trips to the EMPORIUM OF HAIR to have my tonsorials tinkered with.

DREAM DIARY... Shelfy and I found ourselves visiting "some old friends" (none of whom I recognised), in a rather smart and highly-organised 'commune', somewhere outside of Titchfield. Needless to say we got involved in their 'artslab' activities, making a strange music/performance film (the full details of which I can't remember, otherwise I would have made it in real life). In a spotlessly clean barn building, I found an old patchcord modular synthesiser. Nobody knew what it was or what to do with it. You know how it is - folks just have these kind of things lying around in barns... Needless to say, I knew EXACTLY what to do with it (well, it WAS a dream!) and this was incorporated into the 'performance', to everyone's delight...

I had been wondering why there were no takers for the free "TALES FROM THE WINGED EYEBALL" (or "BYTE SIGHS" either, for that matter) - until our chum ZEPHYR pointed out that one is asked for personal details, inluding e-mail address AND post code, before the downloading process can commence. I had indeed ticked the box that asked for an e-mail contact, so that we could thank our 'customers' and let them know about any future stuff. But... "POST CODES? WE DON'T NEED NO STEEEENKING POST CODES!" It is obvious that this was completely deterring friends (old and new) from downloading. I've now unchecked the box that allowed for e-mail requests, so now downloading is now a more direct (and private) process. I've tried it myself and it works.

Checking the site stats, although no one has gone the whole hog and obtained their very own copy of the album yet, it is nice to see that many of the tracks are getting multiple plays from all sorts of places. "Twenty Five Minutes and a Warm Spoon" seems to be quite popular in its own right. Google ratings are promising too. By the way, I recently Googled my OWN real name (as you do - Come on! Admit it!). I've always been careful to hide behind pseudonyms for my online appearances (including this one), so I was not too surprised to learn that I don't actually exist. But I discovered that I do have a number of NAMESAKES, mainly stateside, including one gentleman in Rochester NY who is a big-time follower of GLENN BECK. Now THAT is disturbing!

Week from Monday 14th June 2010

With nothing much on the telly except ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL fixtures, I have recently had a lot of time to catch up on my reading and have been revisiting a few old favourites. I finished reading "BHOWANI JUNCTION" and I've just started "THE ROTTERS' CLUB" again for the umpteenth time. Happy happy joy joy.

SPORT STIRS NOTHING IN ME. Whatever genetic marker, neurotransmitter or enzyme it is that makes the human body receptive to the 'joys' of competitive sport, I DON'T HAVE IT. I never have. It seems to me that the expenditure lavished on sport, the media attention it receives, not to mention the jingoistic fervour and mass-hysteria it causes amongst the plebiscite, is completely out of proportion to its actual importance or even entertainment value.

But hey! maybe that's just me... (Well, if the postings on MONTY OXYMORON's blog are anything to go by, it's NOT just me after all!)

WEDNESDAY finds Shelfy and I doing our annual DELIVER-O-THON, in which we visit lots of interesting CROOKS & NANNIES of Hampshire, some intentionally, some by accident and some because of those ruddy 'diversion' signs throwing us off the intended course! I'd planned a route which avoided the centre of Basingstoke, but still we got sucked in somehow... On the other hand, we nearly lost Winchester altogether... Lots of orange squash and Lucozade was imbibed... Much reggae and rai and banjo music was played on the in-flight stereo apparatus... Shelfy has a new claim to fame: He can eat an entire family pack of Kettle Chips in about five minutes flat, whilst driving at the same time (Kids! Don't try this at home!)... I'd popped a couple of antihistamines first thing, so NO SNEEZING TILL PETERSFIELD. The full-size kitchen roll I'd packed for nasal use was not needed after all... Lots of buzzards were spotted, several pheasants risked getting run over... A stop-off was made at UNCLE WILLY's to dump a heap of dismembered moped... I found myself with a stiff neck the next day, and a left arm several shades pinker than the right, from 'window hanging'... and I had to explain what a 'WAYZGOOSE' was to several people in the same week...

The last parcel is off to the Isle Of Wight (by post - I will follow it over there later when there is more time!), so it's back to DIGITAL CINEMA business...

Week from Monday 21st June 2010

I received the exceedingly disappointing news that TOM ZÉ's appearance at the "FESTIVAL BRASIL" bash next month has been cancelled. He is 'unable to travel'. Well, I don't REALLY want the expense of travelling all the way up to DZAT LOONDIN on a Sunday, just to see some of OS MUTANTES' set, before I have to dash off again to catch the last train home... so I have accepted the Southbank's offer of a refund.

The BANDCAMP site appears to be 'working'. A steady stream of people have been visiting the site to listen to the tunes, and "TALES FROM THE WINGED EYEBALL" has proved popular enough for some to download it for their very own. I have now added the first "PPvXT" album "CHTHONIC BOOM" to the site, although I cannot, at the moment, release it for download - it still resides in the ZIMPOON DISCS catalogue. Listening to it now for the first time in ages, I think it's stronger than "BYTE SIGHS".

On the biz front this week, I'm tying up a few loose ends and waiting for the cash to roll in... I shall take a breather for a few days, before a fresh heap of D-Cinema activity buries me again next week.

New posting on the 'SpaceBlog: "New Music From Old (the continuing saga of one man's quest etc etc)"
Hey! where's the 'Lyrics' button gone from the music player? Ah well! I'll just have to give you the 'sleevenotes' here instead... There's a new tune on the player. "LASSO DUB" started out as a throwaway little number a couple of Christmases ago (some of you might remember it?). EVIL DEMENTED BUNNY had sent me a recording of herself singing an old country song, "I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus". I wrapped it in all sorts of strange Minty noises, as is my wont, and there it sat on the player for a couple of weeks over Christmas. A mere novelty trinket. But I always had an inkling that there could be more to it than that. Some of the rhythmic devices and samples were too good to waste. Everyone knows how I like to toss off the occasional DUB VERSION. It would be no trouble to strip the piece of its XMASSY REFERENCES and turn it into something altogether darker. In short, could I make it into something that we could enjoy throughout the rest of the year as well? Well, could I? YOU decide, folks!

Week from Monday 28th June 2010

Talking of 'dub versions', it is my intention - nay! my DUTY! - to submit a remix of JUDY DYBLE's "Grey October Day" for the recently announced competition. Of course, this completely goes against my usual FIRST RULE OF REMIXING, which is "Never Familiarise Yourself With The Original Version BEFORE You Start To Pick It Apart". But I'm sure I will find something in the 'stems' download to inspire me, WHEN it becomes available. Whether I will be able to come up with anything 'commercial' is a whole other matter. It'll be fun trying though! 

However, I doubt there will be much time for musical projects THIS week...