Week from Monday 6th February 2012

So I'm back in the loving bosom of Firefox, now newly upgraded to VERSION 10 ALREADY. They now have added a whole bunch of  interactive "DEVELOPERS' TOOLS", such as 'Inspect Element' and a better colour-coded 'View HTML Source', which gives Chrome a run for its money in that department. And I'm glad to report that it is still compatible with all my existing beloved plug-ins. Happy little bunny...

Sleepy little bunny... This morning, once I've done my "HOMEWORK" for the SLEEP MANAGEMENT COURSE (all this keeping of charts and doing sums every morning), I'm off for a nice brisk walk down the valley into Titchfield, for a meeting to discuss this year's RIDE-&-STRIDE-&-PRINT-&-COLLATE-&-DELIVER-O-THON project. Phase One starts here!

My SHRINKYDINK has suggested that I go for walks (uhuh... even more frequently than I do now?), to break up my day and get away from the environment I 'associate with sleep'. I do believe we are straying into PSYCHOBABBLE territory now (it had to come!), but what the hey! I don't need MUCH of an excuse to strap on a rucksack and skive off, at the best of times! I went over to Commercial Road, because I had a voucher to spend in HMV. We'll gloss over the fact that it cost me a fiver to get to Portsmouth, in order to save a fiver in-store! 

I 'upgraded' my elderly copy of TODD RUNDGREN's "Something/Anything?" album to a nice new CD copy. This is one of the current faves featured in my "LISTEN EVERYDAY TO AN ALBUM FROM 1972" project-cum-resolution. I also paid a visit to my SECRET CHARITY SHOP OF THE AVANT-GARDE. There haven't been any more strange CDs added to their shelves to dumbfound the Matt Munroe-buying casual browser, but I did find that the very anonymous-looking AMM disc that I'd spotted previously was still there. I also found a copy of an ORCHESTRA BAOBAB album tucked away behind the Emma Buntons and Ricky Martins.

Fond though I am of the plinky-plonk freeform stylings of the pioneering improv combo AMM, I found that this disc was mastered at such a low volume that it was almost impossible to listen to, even on headphones. This music demands INVOLVED listening, which I was unable to experience when it sounded so distant. My attention drifted. ART FAILURE! I therefore made myself an AMMplified version of the album. Using my DIGITAL APPARATUS OF CHOICE, I was quickly able to bring every skkkrrrttch, crackle and pop into sharper focus, so that I could IMMERSE myself in the textures a bit more. It may not be what the performers intended, but it works for me. NOTE TO SELF: If you ever go to see AMM or their ilk, then get a spot right near the front. You won't hear a thing from the back!

Week from Monday 13th February 2012

Having walked down to Titchfield for a RIDE&STRIDE update, I hopped on a bus to visit the "ROLAND PENROSE & BRITISH SURREALISM" exhibit at the Southampton City Gallery. There's some good stuff on display, especially some of the photographic work - but the main trouble I have with 'surrealism' is that nowadays it all looks like 1970s record covers! I'll be writing a depthier blog about it shortly.

As an addendum to my 1972 piece, I've just posted an article about the Swedish spacerockers ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD (Garden of the Elks), whose 1972 album "Framtiden är ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat i Forntiden" had somehow got missed off my original list. My chum SIR OAX OF JOXFIELD was naturally a mine of additional information. One of the Elks was responsible for doing the painting for the cover of the Joxfield's "Numbers & Letters". Small world.

I'd enjoyed watching "MAN ON THE MOON" again last week, so I'm currently re-reading "LOST IN THE FUNHOUSE", the biography of ANDY KAUFMAN.

My friend MLLE KITTY asked if it would be possible to do a BLACK version of the my[_____]homepage. Well, I like a challenge, me... so, yes, I can! I've also been helping her update her profile page, although she's stubbornly sticking to the old "Profile 1.0"-style layouts.

I have a huge, expanding, BLOBULENT piece of music on the go, featuring samples of CC, heavily disguised bits of the JoXfield's "Computer No.2", mad tabla rhythms and GREAT BIG SPACE NOISES made by stretching guitar and vocal parts to breaking point. It's one of those projects where, having accumulated about twenty minutes of the thing, I will come back to it later and see which bits I still like... then set about it with the digital razorblade!

Week from Monday 20th February 2012

Sunday morning... I went for the first CAR BOOT SALE walkies of the year. Nice morning for it, but the ground is a bit sodden, so the turn-out was small. I did manage to tick another couple of items from my "wanted" list though: 

GENESIS' "The Way We Walk - Live! Volume One: The Shorts" - not one of my favourites by any stretch of the imagination, but I needed it to complete the set! 

"TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME" - now that I'm deep into the TV box set (I've got as far as the season one "WHO SHOT AGENT COOPER" cliffhanger), I had to find the spin-off movie to go with it.

I've finally taken the plunge into GOOGLE PLUS. I'm keeping everything "friends only" until I feel comfy, but it certainly seems to do everything it says on the tin. Needless to say, I've already been playing around with some STYLISH over there. "G+" doesn't require any "FIXING", it seems very well thought out. But a splash of colour wouldn't go amiss! I'm not keen on using a 'real' name onscreen, so I've got around that by using an anagram that 'SOUNDS' convincing.

THE CD WALLET THAT BROKE THE CAMEL'S BACK... I was reorganizing the CD collection yesterday afternoon after my latest purchases, and the piece of CHIPBOARD TAT that it is stood on collapsed in on itself. A piece of timber from B&Q has provided a temporary solution, but a trip to the charity second-hand furniture bizarre is in the offing.


I'm finally saying goodbye to SUPANET and changing my internet service provision over to the Tiscali concern, trading as TALK TALK. The cost of using Supanet has been going UP UP UP, in direct proportion to the quality of their service going DOWN DOWN DOWN. The connection is erratic, subject to stoppage without any warning to their customers. Sometimes (again without warning) the emails servers don't work properly. Even their own website is broken. They are clearly hanging on by the fingernails. I've hung on by mine since the days when dial-up was the norm. I will be continuing to keep this diary in the privacy of my own head, but it won't be public, because I won't have the use of their server to keep it on. I don't think ANYBODY (apart from me... and possibly SHELFY... and occasionally BUNNY?) EVER read it, so it'll not be missed THAT much. If the opportunity ever arises to store it somewhere else, then it might go live again, who knows?

Speaking of broken websites... This week, nobody's STATUS UPDATES appear on the my[_____] stream once they are posted, thus making it impossible to "share" ANYTHING anymore. I sometimes wonder why we bother. my[_____] boasted in the trades that they have acquired several million new members since they launched the new "Radio Player" service that none of us oldies use. I'll bet that those new users don't interact with the site in any way other than audient, so any dysfunction to the site will pass them by... those in power at TIMBERLAKE TOWERS therefore don't consider such things a priority anymore. The old school of my[_____] user are now akin to embarrassing relatives that they keep locked away in the attic. We're standing in the way of whatever it is that they want to turn the site into for the kiddies.

Wednesday morning, I had the latest of my occasional telephonic meetings with the SHRINKYDINK; Thursday, I'm off for some tonsorial TLC at the EMPORIUM O'HAIR...

I've been having an absolute BALL coming up with "STYLISH" looks for GOOGLE PLUS. Not that anyone's paying attention...

Saturday afternoon... I pay another visit to the BIG BLOBULENT PIECE OF ONGOING MUSIC, now with the working title of "Endless Universes Of Stars And Mountains" - As well as being the JACK KEROUAC quote that you can hear CC intone throughout, I thought that also sounded suitably 'Swedish' (as in the long contrived titles of ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD), seeing as the 'song' features a drum part sampled from the JOxFIELD lads. It's now been trimmed from twenty minutes down to about eight, but I'll probably add new bits yet.

The featured album on this week's "FREAK ZONE" was the second album by LOOSE TUBES, "Delightful Precipice". Ah! bliss...

Week from Monday 27th February 2012

BT have been notified that we are changing our service; Google Mail has been (temporarily?) set up to handle two or three different email addresses at the same time; the information pack, with all the passwords an' such, has arrived over the weekend; the wireless router will arrive this week sometime - We are well on our way to moving to TALK TALK. 

Today, I'm sorting out work to take to the printers tomorrow. Then I've written a new blog which will serve as a refresher course for those seasoned dabblers in the art of PAGESTYLING, as well as an easy to follow introduction for the newbies.

A couple of outings this week: Having tied up some business in Gosport on Wednesday, I went 'round Portsmouth the long way. On Thursday, following a walk down to Titchfield to deliver the R&S "leftovers", I hopped on a bus heading west.

This week I've treated myself to the Grammy award-winning "COMPLETE MILES DAVIS QUINTET 1965-68" box set, thus replacing a whole collection of manky old tapes with pretty sparkling silver things in one go! Not to mention all the reading material that comes with it!