Selected MySpace Correspondence 2007

Welcome, please wipe your feet - I can sell you some friends - £12 each, 3 for a monkey
Twite spotted in vacuum cleaner comical rosary incident - you must have IN PROTEST OF BOREDOM as your first friend. Apart from the fact that they may broadcast some of our stuff, they are the Jimmy Carl Black etc site. It's a brilliant site please check it out immediately
ulyssespodcast - yeah, you've got to be friends with them, and you've got to be friends with....and then you've got to do this then that then listen to jimmy carl black because he is the injun of the group, and then you've got to have a cup of tea and then... and then...
you need - the turtles featuring flo and eddy, bent music, try those two above they are good.
who the fuck is... - Sandro Oliva. Go to IN PROTEST OF BOREDOM first thing this morning to enjoy the Grandmothers asking who Sandro Oliva is. I know you've heard it before but... I've added a new blog to help punters choose their musical selection.
Renaldo and the loaf - check out their Bearded Cat video. Bloody super indeed.
3 Mustaphas 3 - Jul 20, 2007
Re: Greetings - Yes you are right, thank you, L.Askidinia (p.p. Grande Orkes de Famille Mustaphe)
When Mr Logan buys a frog - Crane - really enjoying the budgie stuff.
~Wendy~ - Jul 22, 2007
Greetings - Hello! Thank you for your kind words! Have an excellent week! Wendy
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: Jul 19, 2007 6:09 AM
Loved your somewhat ECLECTIC page!

Geoff Leigh - Jul 23, 2007
Geoff Leigh says - ok - so it's just you making this bloody racket? splendid! keep at it... G.
Varese - Jul 24, 2007
RE: Greetings from The Pedantic Pedestrian - thanks
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 19 Jul 2007, 05:23 AM
What Edgard Varese ACTUALLY said was "The present day composers refuse to die" but I'll let it pass! Keep on keeping the legacy alive!

RE: How to oil a puma with pumice - funny you should mention Albequerque because I just got a message from our old friends black (something or other) Paddysul from Sydney who said they found the rabbits by taking a wrong turning at... ALBERQUERQUE. Alberquirky or what?
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 24 Jul 2007, 01:37
Whoops sorry, the Yeskat is from Albequerque New Mexicoooooh! (It's a way of life)... Geoff Leigh out of that Henry Cow has just messaged the following: "Ok- so it's just you making this bloody racket? Splendid! Keep at it... G"

Date: 24 Jul 2007, 08:15
SatieDrift is today's fave... I was talking to a irishman t'other day and accidentally mentioned James Joyce. Yikes!!!!!! The guy was a Joyce fanatic! He started reeling off this and that from books I'd never heard of. And he had an irish accent which made the whole thing very entertaining. I'm beginning to think that culture was invented in certain areas of Dublin. Next year perhaps we could organise a coach trip to what we call the 'emerald isle'. Dr Strangely Strange live there you know. And there are no snakes.

Ed Mann - Jul 26, 2007
Ed says - WELCOME Pedantic! goodvibes ~ Ed
What do you get if you cross a baboon with the cast of eastenders? - Crane, Good to see you've got Haight Asbury on your side, Duke. I'm 'down' with bronchitis today so instead of getting covered in shite under metal things in Sheffield I shall relax and probably listen to This Mortal Coil. By the way, my ex tenants have dun a runner but they have left a almost brand new 8 string lekky mandothing behind. I think I might form an Irish band called 'The Leper Chauns' or leperchauns or 'Seemus O'Clonnart's Novelty Glowing Wristband...
Quodia - Brilliant, but they don't do so much of their classic 'whatever you want da da da-da....' 12 bar anymore.
torsion boneworm - we exchange meaningful/less wordlings with this lot. Also I have an idea to do firm clothing again
Tom Anderson - Jul 29, 2007
get your band on TV! - Hey guys, Here’s a great opportunity for you... Fox has a new show coming out in the fall called “Next Great American Band”. The people who are producing this show are the same ones who produced American Idol. :) They're looking for bands to be in the show... you’d get to perform on national TV and there’s even a chance to win a recording contract. All you have to do is go to the American Band profile and submit a video of your band performing. Submissions close on Monday, July 31, so there’s only a few more days... We’d be psyched to have a band from myspace in the show! :) Tom
Herschel Krustofskys International Orkestra - Jul 30, 2007
RE: Bus Driver - hi Minty, thanks for the news. i am glad that somebody started already. some other folks were sending me mails of interest, so i think it is a great start- i am very excited of listening to the Dub groove. thanks a lot. i will write more soon - now i need to go to a gigmeeting. its already late, well. o.k. hope to hear from you. levante i patsh
Von: Pedantic Pedestrian
Datum: 30 Jul 2007, 13:02
Hello Herr Krustovsky. I have laid your field recording of the bus driver over a dub reggae beat of my own creation and, although a little rough around the edges, I think it works quite well. I would like to send it to you if you would provide me with e-mail details. Minty aka The Pedantic Pedestrian

Craig Fenton and the Gleanettes - Crane, I took the challenge of collaborating with a myspace musician. Forgotten the name at the mo. Anyway I did a very short spoken based on what is your name from sleeping by the rock. And then a slightly longer spoken based on jimmywitdada and thirdly I did a larry the haddock non story but with some nice words. I wonder what the result will be like. Oh the music site is called Zephyr Happenstance. Check em out. I wanted to collaborate with the grateful dead but...
Knitting for christ - We are getting some good reviews. It may be time to release 21st century tea set bodies into the electric sky. Can we clabberate with Vaaaaaartinna? Can we can we. I want them to sing a song about Oboberlites.
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 01 Aug 2007, 13:13
By the way, the lovely VÄRTTINÄ have this week launched an OFFICIAL MySpace (as opposed to the two fan pages which existed previously). Check out the first video from the top, where you can see them as the opening turn at the Helsinki Games (NB The other vids you will have seen already on the DVD). The fan sites have got some good stuff too, but.

A moth and the Dean of Cookham - Now what are we going to do with the old UNITROBA CHESTNUT? You can demote Steak Wrist to ordinary rank friend if you like (I know I have). I'm bored with them.
Jonathan Evison - Aug 7, 2007
fiction files - ran across you in the joyce group, and wanted to invite you to our thriving book discussion community which has just risen from the ashes: please come join us: cheers, je
Emergency Librarian - Aug 9, 2007
Emergency Librarian says - This is something I really ought to get round to doing. I like you approach and your music a lot. I have chopped up some of the tracks on here and put them into a sampler and quite randomly pulling them out again made for some of the backbone of the 'live' tracks. I like these kind of happy accidents. Also means we can mess with the original tracks, shorten them, drag them out endlessly etc. so if we play them live (in the real sense) we can improvise them and hopefully keep them fresh.
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 09 Aug 2007, 09:52
The great thing about this new-fangled technology is that it can be SUBTRACTIVE rather than ACCUMULATIVE... In the days of tape recorders, I would record hours and hours of chums and I 'bimbling about'... Selecting the 'best bits' would be a chore. Digital editing allows you to HONE your piece down to its essence. I find I'm able to use a wave editor in much the same way as the French musique concrete chaps, the Radiophonic Workshop or Frank Zappa would cut and splice tape with razorblade, working at almost a granular level...

From: Emergency Librarian
Date: 08 Aug 2007, 16:37
Jamming being hit and miss? Tell me about it. I went to a friend's stag do recently which consisted of an endless jam session. I thought I was playing a blinder till I saw some video evidence which pointed quite to the contrary - it was awful!!! Or rather I was!! Still, I enjoyed myself and that's what counts, right? I can imagine your stuff would take quite a bit of time though, you can tell from the finished product which is mighty fine if you don't mind me saying. "Determined to Have Your Brain" and "Absolutely Fascinating" did actually take me weeks to do (unbelievable maybe but true) but generally I tend to be pretty haphazard not that you can tell I'm sure, ha, ha. Rather than experimental music I would call it accidental music!! Take it easy, Rory (Emergency Librarian)

Lesser Known Tunisians - Aug 17, 2007
Lesser Known Tunisians says - Dates now added! (I can't think where the private gig in Wickham was, unless it was at our house?)
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 17 Aug 2007, 14:52
Please note the double inverted commas for "proper" ;)

From: Lesser Known Tunisians
Date: 16 Aug 2007, 18:22
I'm glad you were impressed enough to describe as a 'proper' website. I will add your dates forthwith, or even sooner. Unfortunately, I recently threw away the 1978 booking diary belonging to our player/manager, thinking that there was no further interest in keeping it. How wrong I was. On a recent visit to Droxford where our former lead guitarist now resides, he recited excerpts from his diaries which I now need to annotate into a correct order. It's wonderful that so many Lesser Known Anoraks still exist, you never know, along with the 12 CDs worth of material, we may even do a surprise performance next year. Well it'll be a surprise to us. And if your dancing skills are still intact you would be welcome to practice them then. I remember at the Fareham Tech gig our mixer died, but luckily living in Wickham meant that we shot home to collect a mains transformer which was duly soldered into place in time for the sound check. Possibly. Cheers JoQ

From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 16 Aug 2007, 11:04
For he who is webmaestro: I've just checked out your "proper" website and I've a couple of additions for your gig list:
2nd December 1977 - Fareham Technical College
26th January 1978 - Portsmouth Poly Union
Sorry, don't remember the date for the 'private' gig near Wickham (I'm surprised I remember it at all!) but that was in 1978 too I think.

Herschel Krustofskys International Orkestra - Aug 18, 2007
Herschel Krustofsky says - Hi Minty, sorry that i haven't been able to answer. i ve been bussy for the last weeks and i just returned from some tour and will be off in the next minutes for another concert. your mix reached me well and i was able to listen. it is inded a ruff mix. but i could see a potential. my guitar for giving the chord changes is in the way. because the keys in which the different tracks move are different and not really pleasing yet. i am glad that someone was starting something with that. i have more detailed infos about the move of this song or where it might could go. i will write you soon more. sorry but i need to go now. i will write you in a few days time. thanks again for the effort you made. your HK
Von: Pedantic Pedestrian
Datum: 08 Aug 2007, 11:14
Hello HK, I haven't heard from you since I sent you my remix. Did you receive it okay? I hope I haven't scared you away! ;) Minty

TEA SET BODY REVIEW - SEASON starts in September as you know. A compleat album oh yes indeed. Art is the word as is Klongo.
Emergency Librarian - Aug 23, 2007
Emergency Librarian says - And why not indeed. I, for one, would positively encourage such behaviour.
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 23 Aug 2007, 11:31
Why, that old thing, I've had it for years!? Shelfy (RABBIT SHOW REJECT) has been dropping hints that he wants to do a whole new 'album' of this sort of stuff in the Autumn. And why not?

From: Emergency Librarian
Date: 23 Aug 2007, 10:07
I feel compelled to tell you I love the Tea Set Body Revue track. There I've done it, I feel a whole lot better now. Take it easy, Rory

tea sets - love the tea set thing. We must do up to version 17 each with a 30 second film featuring lonely water.
3 Mustaphas 3 - Aug 27, 2007
3 Mustaphas 3 says - Dear ms pedestrian, you are right, thank you goodbye, l.askidinia (p.p. grande orkestar familie mustaphe)
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: Jul 20, 2007 2:10 PM
You're great ...yes, but definitively so!

message for mr nathan ogilvie - crane, I am awaiting feedback on last lot of africaans tune graphics. Can I have your mobile apparatus number to update you on relevant events. crane. I'm out now on light duties.
The Music is Taboo: RATL Renditions & Remixes - Aug 29, 2007
The Music is Taboo says - Hi Minty! Are you planning to record something for this project? David
portrait of a nudist smoking a pipe - Panjazz went to committee on Tuesday. No communication since then as to design work. There are a few head teachers involved and presumably the new term is causing problems. You know, ordering canes and mortar helmets. Willy is away somewhere as director of a convention of old bearded technocrats. Nothing supplied for new webbo. CPS turntables are away most of this week, phew! Of course they have nothing concrete with webbo. I dunno, if I do a VT advert they want it to be CPS and vikki verki. I've asked Binky if he would like to make a film of Mangmang for Zephyr. It would be a nice project for our budding Ford Cuppasoup but if he thinks it's a financial thing then bollox.
superb budgie - No news on anything. When I get back tonight I'll find my telephone and give you the numby.
Zephyrfriendly - Sep 10, 2007
Zephyrfriendly says - yeah I knew he had hurt his back... said something about going walkabout, whatever that means?
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 10 Sep 2007, 10:06
Well he was okay last time we communicated... but he did his back in a while ago, was hobbling around with a stick and, since he WILL insist on doing manual work for which he is entirely unsuited, is doing himself no favours at all in the physical health category... as for his mental health - well who can say?!

From: Zephyrfriendly
Date: 09 Sep 2007, 18:10
got a strange message from Shelfy, yeah I know, when is he not strange? but this was a more worrying strange... he ok? Zephyr

How many beans make nine? - Nothing to report on the art front at the moment. Big Stick (my fave band) have made a comment about Dave the bus.
Here & Now - Sep 19, 2007
Hello there... - welcome to our small corner of this vast and somewhat twisted labyrinth. Yes - I like your stuff - highly eclectic, with a very original take on this electric music thing. So, nice to have you aboard... We're going to be playing a benefit for the "Fawcett Arms" on October 12th - not actually at the pub, cos we hopefully hope that'll be too small for our purposes - it seems that the landlord Rob's sadly early death has left them in a very precarious position financially (they have to buy back all the fixtures and fittings from Rob's estranged wife) so HERE & NOW, KANGAROO MOON and BUBBLEDUBBLE will be putting on said benefit at a pub on Portsmouth pier, whose name escapes me at the moment, and, as it'll be both a fun thing to do, and be of some material aid to the beleaguered denizens of the Fawcett, I hope you'll come along to it! Seeya there? Zzzut alors! Le Missile
Afous Afous - Sep 21, 2007
Afous Afous says - hello, if you give us your postal address we could send you a cd!!! it is only a five track cd but we prepare an album for begining 2008... A JAJA
PNDC - Sep 27, 2007
RE: map? again? what am i doing? - yeah, thanx. i put another one, don't no why. anyway, it's just loosing time between 2 songs i write. i'll delete it soon, i guess. cheers.
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 27 Sep 2007, 02:36
Yes I too had a craze for these map doodads for a while. I took it off the page eventually mainly because it was inaccurate - it did not reflect real visitor numbers (it never matched MySpace's own numbers at all) and what is more, it showed that I had a friend who lived in the middle of the Atlantic somewhere off the coast of Africa.

From: pndc
Date: 25 Sep 2007, 18:37
playing with stupid map, instead of making music. it's last time, promise

Zephyrfriendly - Sep 28, 2007
RE: Robbo's Pipes Update - is a cracking wee ditty none the less... so shelfsuit has computer phobia eh?
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 28 Sep 2007, 11:58
Re: ROBBO'S PIPES - I've just listened to the original tape (remember this WAS made up on the spot!) and this is a VERBATIM transcription! - As I was walking one May morning, / I didn't heed the shepherd's warning, / Something to do with mowing the lawn. / But they didn't have a grass box, / So the cuttings went everywhere. / And then Robbo turned up with some pipes. / Or at least he said they were pipes. / Looked more like a football to me. / So I asked him, / "Robbo, that's a football, isn't it?" / And he said, "No, it's some pipes!" / "Funny looking pipes," I said. / And he said "Yes, I suppose they are." / Crumbs! / Blimey! / I suppose they are.

OGOGO - Sep 30, 2007
oh..and i forgot - Pedantic Pedestrian. Please accept my invitation to join MySpace Avant-Garde Group. Let's get it going. Thank you, igOr OGOGO
Emergency Librarian - Oct 6, 2007
RE: Improv - Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - it works really nicely. I shall be watching that pipeline closely.
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 03 Oct 2007, 10:24
Humungously Libertarian! So the NEW track "A Sleeping Marigold" is about as close as I get to "LIVE" these days! The synthesiser music was pretty much played in real time (on my trusty, twenty-odd years old, COMMODORE AMIGA setup!) and then I overlaid (A) a pre-existing noodlin' sitar part (crap on its own but it works in this context) and (B) one of SHELFY's (RABBIT SHOW REJECT) monologues over it from the seemingly bottomless supply of outtake CD-Rs - missing episodes from "Tales From The Winged Eyeball" (see also RSR's page). There's more of this kind of thing in the pipeline...

the now defunct Alexandria Quartet - Oct 18, 2007
random advice wanted - where does a semi-literate indie band gig in Portsmouth?
Zephyr Happenstance - Oct 28, 2007
RE: what do you think...? - thank you PP!
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 28 Oct 2007, 08:16
Triffic! Freeform drumming and electronica? What's not to like?!!??

From: Zephyr Happenstance
Date: 28 Oct 2007, 00:57

Soft Machine Tribute - Nov 21, 2007
RE: canterbury keyboard - thanks for the advice bro. what would be the best setting to put the keyboard on? like elec. organ. pipe organ. synth. etc... my keyboard i have now has 500 different sounds on it to choose from. i dont know which one to use haha. lead synth sounds the closest though. well your information helped me the most out of anyones. im going to be buying a synth but i dont want to buy a synth that will not be able to produce the canterbury sound, thats why im trying to find out which synth is best to buy..a lot of peoples been saying a Shaftsbury Duo Fuzz pedal is also needed so i'll have to check into that. is there a synth that you would recommend to me? blake
Michael Brückner - Nov 21, 2007
And a G R R R E A T time we had INDEED! - Hi, Pedestrian! Thank You very much for the nice words - we are happy you like it. I eagerly wait for the video to come to my hands, so people can also have a look! Well, maybe in a couple of days. Have a super week (and forever super weeks after this one), Michael (and the rest of the party) :-)
Guy SEGERS - Nov 26, 2007
Guy SEGERS says - Hellow... Thanks for the comment and listening. Well, it should be "Ceci n'est pas un Magritte". It would be funny to say "Ceci n'est pas deux Magritte" which means, this is not two Magritte's. But it is including a gamme with the word "deux" (two) that is pronounced the same than "de", which means "from". Also allusion to the the two feets! Why? because we don't talk about him as a man, but about the frame called in french "le tableau" : tableau is masculin! Guy
DarkBlueWorld - Nov 26, 2007
DarkBlueWorld says - et je ne suis pas pickaxo (pick that pablo from between your toes) music is interesting
Guy SEGERS - Nov 26, 2007
Until the ornithologists discover that this is a new sort of bird, and call it... - Magritte! This time it is correct, even with a little rime... Keep going that way... Guy
DarkBlueWorld - Nov 27, 2007
DarkBlueWorld says - how very embarrassing. at least, je ne connais pas personne of the perogyrock persuasion in my immediate vicinity (oh, say 2000 km) qui parle francais mieux que moi.
Franglais? Oh boy, don't get me started - I've just had MY French grammar corrected by the bass player from a certain well-know Belgian progressive rock combo... Your musical world sure is DARK and BLUE, very cathartic.

hmm... je wonder if it would aider si i changed the nom du groupe a... hmm.... i know! las humectantes espanoles! with the little squigglehat on the n. but hey, cathartic is good. or that's what people say, just before they get kinda scared.

Ryan Smith - Dec 2, 2007
thank you for your kind words... I had a lot of fun working on 11.11, and I also learned a lot about the interplay between Reason and Garage Band. I like your music a lot, too. Very hip.
Geoff Leigh - Dec 14, 2007
moo belly newzz - Hi PP. nice comment! in a way I only put the track up 'cos I knew it would annoy a lot of people! to be honest I can't imagine why they chose to add this as a bonus track - it could be anyone really - all the hardcore fans love it - I don't really get it but there we go! anyway I'll be taking it down soon... new trax up after xmas I hope. take care. G.
Manuel Göttsching - Dec 17, 2007
Hi! - Nice to meet you! Greetings from Berlin, MG - (if you wish to learn more about me :-)
Emergency Librarian - Dec 17, 2007
RE: MIDIeval - Why thank you and I hope you have an enjoyable festive season too. Cheers!!
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 16 Dec 2007, 19:20
Hey EL! Thanks for the kind comments about my "MIDIeval". Glad to know I'm still touching someone with my special brand of sonic ninniness! Have good hols, y'hear?!

Dylan Bates - Dec 18, 2007
RE: Furniture Music - Ha! I never thought of that. Yep, 'twas our Erik [Satie]. I'll see what I can come up with. The furnishings element was quite coincidental, I assure you, but these are the kind of things that inspire and influence me. No other things, in fact: just shelving units and pipe-racks. I must get around to putting some Shelf Unit music up - you'll like it, methinks. I just need to get some of our recordings chopped into the right chunks on Pro-Tools (which I don't have, more fool me). As for Pipe-Rack, we haven't even played yet, let alone recorded - but I have several groovy tunes that we'll look at when we do. It may prove to be the only commercially viable band I've assembled. More power to your elbows, and keep up the good wok (if you have one). Dylan
Emergency Librarian - Dec 18, 2007
RE: Doepfers and daleks and a bit of ping pong - Qual-it-eeeeee!!! I love it.
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: 18 Dec 2007, 16:27
Love the video! Have a look at the lunacy I've just posted on my latest blog!

From: Emergency Librarian
Date: 18 Dec 2007, 14:10
Dear Library Users, Here at the Emergency Librarian service we have a new video for Absolutely Fascinating featuring a dalek, a robot, some ping pong players and, of course, some books being shelved in 4/4 time. Nice. Thanks to Robin for making it. Please enjoy, Talis Alto

Ryan Smith - Dec 26, 2007
Ryan Smith says - Thank you for your kind words. I'm honored that you are enjoying my music. Happy Festivus to you as well!
From: Pedantic Pedestrian
Date: Dec 25, 2007 9:31 AM
Thanks Ryan! I've been especially enjoying "Kcrimson & Kclover". Happy hols and all the best for the New Year.

From: Ryan Smith
Date: 25 Dec 2007, 16:28
I've made my best 6 tunes available for download, including my latest tune, "Thujone", until the new year. Have a safe holiday, folks!